Life is too short to stay stuck. Executive & Life Coaching

Private coaching for people who believe we all deserve to feel fulfilled, have a sense of purpose, and get the clarity and confidence we need.


Is what you want well aligned with who you are and what fulfils you? Who gets to define 'success'? What is a 'goal'?

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Get the clarity you need to see your priorities. Understand what is important to you.


Unlock your potential for greater performance. Choose where you want to excel.


Rediscover your confidence. It's time to move forward consciously.

tim o'donnell

These are My areas of expertise .

Every coach has their areas of particular expertise.


A clear sense of who you are underpins our sense of purpose and fuels fulfilment


Great communication skills improve relationships and can be a key factor in getting what you want and being understood


Teams are made of people, communication and shared goals, but trust and safety are critical factors often overlooked


Leaders are made, not born. Developing the skills of a good leader is an exercise in service, selflessness and clarity of vision

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Tim O'Donnell .

You need someone you can trust, someone who understands the frustration you are feeling, and someone committed to supporting your growth and development.

I have worked for hundreds of hours with people young and old to transform their situations into something they feel confident about.

If you've lost your direction, you deserve to find the confidence to move forward.

If you're struggling with choices, you deserve to find clarity.

And if you have been putting other people and things first, you deserve to rediscover what it is that's important to you.

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How do you communicate?


What my clients Say .


Tim's been invaluable for both my personal and professional growth. He listens, listens and then listens some more. Then he'll help you find solutions and ways to think about things differently.


Tim joined the dots of my life experiences and extremely skilfully made sense of it - what it was and what it wasn't. That has huge value


Tim is calm and patient and takes you on a journey with different perspectives. He listens, understands and allows you to explore all avenues you may not have thought possible.


There is definitely tons of value Tim can offer an awful lot of people IF they are ready to learn about themselves. I wish I had met him 5 years ago!

NHS Senior Manager

Tim managed to inject insight I hadn't thought of before. He cleverly picked up on one of the most pivotal moments of my life.

Company Director

Tim not only knows his subject but is able to deliver his experience and guidance in a friendly and relaxed style.


He took the time to understand me and my situation, which I was really grateful for. I have seen positive changes in my personal and professional life, since working with Tim.

Business Owner

He continuously adds to my toolbox, an endless amount of thinking strategies and helps me implement them in the simplest of ways.


Tim gave me the confidence to challenge my working practices for the better.

    Is it time to get clear, confident and unstuck ?

    Let's discuss your options or find out more
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