What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is a process that uncovers what it is that you find interesting, rewarding and fulfilling to do, so that you can identify the kind of work that you want to do. Notice that there is nothing here that says “easy to do” or “pays well” : if those things are important for a particular individual that will become evident through the process, but for many people they either don’t factor or are some way down the list of priorities.

Priorities? Yes, of all types of coaching, priorities are the most common topic in career coaching. If we were to write a long enough list of all of the factors we consider when choosing the perfect job, industry or career, we would all end up with a similar list (trust me, I’ve seen lot of lists) but it’s the specific way that each of those factors plays a role in our lives that makes us all unique.

Career coaching then is not simply help with applying for jobs, even if that extends to detailed advice on which jobs to apply for and what to say in CVs and how to handle interviews – it is about delving in to what it is about previous roles, experiences and stages of life that has made them good, or bad, or something in between. Once we understand those priorities, the things that really make you tick, then we can get to work identifying the kinds of companies, people, industries and careers that are most likely to feel like a great long-term fit.

It’s at THAT point that an experienced career coach can really help you with the tips and techniques that reveal opportunities that you will be excited about.

The Benefits Of Career Coaching

As with all forms of coaching, the specific benefits will depend on how well the coaching is conducted, how hard the coachee is prepared to work with their coach, and the specific aims of the coachee, but generally speaking the following are almost always true:

  • Understanding of why past work worked (or didn’t) for you
  • Perspective on what role work plays in your life
  • Clearer priorities
  • Ability to not be swayed by attractive looking roles that won’t be a good fit
  • Reduced stress
  • Someone objective to help you navigate a difficult time

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